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Exploring Cash Advance Items in a Prepaid Funeral Plan

 Last week's blog post featured great information and a flyer from Funeral Director's Life Insurance Company answering the question "What are cash advance items in a prepaid funeral plan?" Part of this post provided a list of the types of items that one may consider adding to your prearrangement. This week's blog is going to explore in more detail, what these items are and how costs are associated with them so that the consumer has a better understanding of how important it is to add cash advance items to prepaid funeral plans.  Here are the types of items you may consider adding to your plan:    Death certificate allowance (most families end up needing 5-10 death certificates from the county). The death certificate is the legal document signed by a physician, coroner, or medical examiner stating that you have died. This document provides valuable information to your loved ones in terms of the date and time of your passing as well as the cause and manner of your d

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