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Developing Your Advance Care Directive

  One of the more common topics take come up when a family is discussing end-of-life items are Advance Care Directive. For those unfamiliar with Advance Care Directives, they are a series of forms that allow you to express your wishes for your health care in the event that you are unable to speak for yourself. In Ohio, the forms, which are commonly known as Health Care Power of Attorney (Health Care POA), Living Will, and some form of an Organ Donation form, allow you to name those people who you feel comfortable handling your medical care if the need arises. It is highly recommended that you speak in depth with your medical team prior to completing these documents, so you understand what rights, powers, and responsibilities those named in the document will have over your care. Once completed, it is recommend that you provide a copy of the forms to your medical team, nursing home/skilled nursing facility/hospice or other long or short care term facilities, family members and lawyer. At

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